CEA-HOW publications include guides, workbooks, pamphlets, and books to help you in your journey toward freedom from compulsive eating.

Literature Format

Currently pamphlets and booklets are available in paper form. The Forever Abstinent and the Sponsor Guidelines are available in Braille and in Large Print.  Other Braille and Large Print CEA-HOW literature may be custom ordered from WSO.  The First 30 Day questions are available in audio, and may be ordered through WSO.

About the Store

The CEA-HOW Store uses PayPal for processing financial transactions to provide a secure way to process your Credit Card purchases and donations. PayPal, an eBay Company, is a global leader in online payment solutions, enabling any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal’s service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world’s most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.

CEA-HOW Refund Policy

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for literature purchases, and cannot replace any damaged items.

Save Money

It is less expensive to purchase literature from your Intergroup.