Here are some guidelines to help the meeting run smoothly. To prevent background noise from disrupting the meeting, please mute your line whenever you are not speaking.

  • To mute press the * 6 key on your phone pad and you will hear a prompt saying you are now muted.
  • When you want to speak, press the * 6 key again, and you will hear a prompt saying you are now un-muted.
  • If there is an echo, static or other interference on the line please double check that you have your phone muted.

Please resist the desire to cross-talk, which means directly commenting on another person’s share. Your intention may be to show support, but commenting on another’s share could be misinterpreted.

7th Tradition

The 7th Tradition helps support CEA-HOW as a whole in its efforts to continue to carry the message to those who still suffer in the following ways:

  • Provide literature to the fellowship
  • Prudent reserve for a phone line should the free service be discontinued
  • Supports the website which is the central source for phone line meeting information
  • Area donations support sending delegates to the World Service Conference every year