January continues to be Gratitude Month for the Fellowship of CEA-HOW.  Based on Bill W.’s example in Tradition 7 of the 12&12, once a year we are suggesting members make a special one-time contribution to the Fellowship to express gratitude for the gift of recovery CEA-HOW offers us.  (In the 1940s Bill suggested a donation of $1; you may make a donation in any amount you choose.  Donations are  tax-deductible.)


You may also make your donation at your meetings during the month of January or mail it directly to CEA-HOW World Service Office (WSO), 3371 Glendale Boulevard, Suite 104, Los Angeles CA 90039-1825, Attn:  Gratitude Donation.

Donations are tax deductible.

Your donation supports CEA-HOW by carrying the message of recovery to those in and out of these rooms who are struggling with our disease, by providing the Fellowship with the publication and distribution of our literature, maintenance of our website, free recordings of all Global Convention workshops, and supporting all CEA-HOW service bodies to keep our program strong.  AND, NOT LEAST, YOUR DONATION ENSURES CEA-HOW REMAINS HERE FOR YOU.

Please give generously so CEA-HOW can continue to carry the message of recovery.